"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Bible Characters

The Plan Makes the Goal [GOAL SETTING]

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 Join us in this mini-series on goal setting, as Father Michael discusses the importance of making a plan to reach our goals.

The Fifth Gospel

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 You have heard of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but how about the 5th Gospel? Join us as Fr. Michael discussed the call to sing for joy in what has been referred to as "The Fifth Gospel".

Who God Hires

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What are the characteristics of the people that God employs? What virtues does God value? Are you focusing on the right virtues? 

Fr. Vijay looks back at the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks to find qualities that make normal people into heros like we are all called to be. 


Practical Faith

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Are you living your faith or just going through the motions? 

In moments of truth, will your faith be there to guide your path forward? Faith needs to be lived every day and Fr. Vijay gives some simple historic advice to prove the point. 


Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

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 When you read the Old Testament, have you ever wondered where God is? The truth is HE IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW. Fr. Michael addresses how we can approach the scriptures to find Christ hidden throughout the scriptures.




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A simple Sunday Sermon on one Question - How do we make good choices? 

Fr. Vijay explores this question in light of Adam and Noah. 

Iron Sharpens Iron

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 Think of a time when someone just poured themselves into you through loving service.  What about their love to you impacted you?  How did it transform your sense of community with them and others?  

Fr. Michael Sorial discusses how in our family friendships we encourage one another, just as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17).